Lighting In Action

Lighting In Action

Puerto Rico 2018

A diverse group of MFA Lighting Design students are planning for a travel study to Puerto Rico from January 15-19th, 2018, to study the role of electric lighting in a state of emergency in a tropical post-hurricane Maria environment. Our travel studies will include a short film documentary on the role of lighting in a disaster context. This website is a breakdown of our mission, vision and goals with a GoFundMe account to support us.


Project Timeline

This project will be broken up into three phases to help us understand each communities goals and needs. 


Phase 1: Understanding 

During Phase 1 of this project the team will be visiting Puerto Rico to learn more about communities still recovering from Hurricane Maria in order to listen and understand how these communities envision rebuilding their communities. The team will be visiting Puerto Rico during Jan 15-18th. During this trip our team will be visiting Taller Salud , Hospital UPR, Dr. Federico Trilla, and Caño Martín Peña. During this phase we will interview community members, take measurements, test solar lighting prototypes, and listen to each community to better understand their lighting needs. 


Phase 2: Design SOlutions

Phase 2 will begin by returning from Puerto Rico with more knowledge about communities goals in Puerto Rico and how we can help create design solutions to make their goals a reality. During this phase we will also compile all of our video and photography footage to create a short documentary so people can learn more about the project. In addition to documentation, this will also be a phase for more possibly to get more people involved to ultimately return during Phase 3. 

Phase 3: Implementation

Phase 3 will ideally be the timeframe in which we will be able to implement the design solutions the communities in Puerto Rico envisioned. During this Phase we will return to Puerto Rico to help build and implement any work that some of the students created during our research in Phase 1 and development in Phase 2. 


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