We're ready to go, but we need your help. 


Any donation provided will be greatly appreciated. This section describes an outlined timeline and funding goals that the team will need in order to travel to Puerto Rico and back. 


January: Initial scoping of projects and connecting with the communities to understand their needs and how we can create their solutions a reality. 

February: Discuss trip findings, design solutions, plans for designs, and documentation details. 

March: Continue communication with established communities within Puerto Rico and complete first portion of film documentation from the January expedition. 

April: Begin introducing and organizing summer return trip. Discuss getting more students and organizations involved throughout the campus. 

May: Finalize details for summer return trip and ensure all goals and plans have been discussed and approved by community members within Puerto Rico. 

June-July: Return to Puerto Rico and begin helping communities solve lighting challenges. 

August: Return from Puerto Rico and discuss learning moments, future iterations, and complete final documentation.


Funding Needs

Above is a breakdown in funding needed to complete the initial January trip to Puerto Rico. In total the team is setting a goal of $7,700 dollars to complete the first leg of their trip.

Student Funding Breakdown